Two poems and a nod

When I first started publishing my writing, sending out more poems and stories in volume, there were a handful of people who took my work seriously, encouraged me and published a half dozen or so pieces of mine. One of them was Shannon Peil, editor at Shannon published some uniquely experimental and strange poetry at his site. Recently I went online looking for it, and discovered it no longer existed. I was really bummed! I’d often include in my quest for some reading inspiration. One of my poems Shannon published, “Semaphones,” I also selected for Microtones:


I come from steel, bolt,

twine, bales of indifference,

swells of turpentine.

Broken bells, misfires at

semaphores. Shrieking hearts

grind open moors.

Twisting tides train

moon in motion. Scurrying

sideways, crabs flee ocean.

You find me flinging

misshapen flocks as you

bridge closer filming shocks

And here is another poem of mine that Shannon published at

Still, the Clouds

Kelly tells me tonight

Erik leaves for Minnesota

this Sunday. Immediate relief,

exuberance. Later deep pain

registers regrets. What have

I done? His

wavering like weather.


A rare shimmer.

Still, the clouds;

still, the rain.

Thanks so much Shannon, for always supporting my work. I hope you are still writing, and crafting your poems and I want you to know I wish you all the best!



8 thoughts on “Two poems and a nod

    1. Robert Vaughan Post author

      David, you are too kind! Thanks for visiting. Wish we were at Jones Beach area 6 right now without the clouds… or rain! Just the doonies!

    1. Robert Vaughan

      Dearest Meg, thanks a ton and I can’t agree with you more. I was so sad when I tried to find even the archives for Shannon’s zine. Oh well. Still, his commitment and artistic choices are for all of us to relish.


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