These Days

My girlfriend, Tallie, calls up and we go to this thrift store, Vintage Voola’s. She heard about it at work. She’s an operator, so she knows lots of things like this. She calls it “bennies of the job.” Now she’s telling me how to get there. Turn right here! Normally this would bother me. She mentions her new boyfriend. I think to myself, here we go again, but I act interested, asking questions. It turns out I know him. He used to go out with my cousin, Tommy. I tell Carol I think he might be gay. Or maybe I said he used to be? She gets very defensive and I wonder if I should have just kept my mouth shut? We ride awhile in silence, then she says well, who isn’t these days? I turn the radio up.

5 thoughts on “These Days

  1. Shari

    I was confused a little bit on the first read through because I assumed that the narrator was male. So, I gave it another few reads, switching from male to female and back again. Decided it is a woman speaking about her friend, Carol. And her cousin, Tommy. Either way, I enjoyed it. You might consider just adding some tiny aspects about a woman speaking to a woman if this is true for your scene. I loved the ending.

  2. rgv7735

    Thanks for your comments, Shari and Kim. Great ideas to add dialogue, and Kim I appreciate your adjective. Wow, I’d never thought about my dialogue quite that way.


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