The Prince of Peace

I know who you are

Prince of peace

Silver hot pants in

your go-go stance

Sideburns like the

canals of Hollywood


And cash to match

the trash you left

that full moon eve

when you laid me

on my room-mate’s


bare naked our hearts

leapt into icy waters

yet yours resurfaced

while mine sank into

the bottomless void:

the marathon I ran

that summer night


5 thoughts on “The Prince of Peace

  1. Shari

    Tutu: Your question seems fairly self-explanatory. Is it not possible for you to figure it out for yourself? That is a major gift about any literature, poetry or otherwise. The reader gets to interpret his/her own point-of-view, just as the writer might as well in creating the piece. Why not just attempt to enjoy this poem for what it is, AS IT IS.


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