This new header on my blog is from a series of watercolors that I painted in the span of twenty-four hours one day in 1989. Someday I might just get brave enough to post more of that project. Fine art, as in drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. never seemed to be my forte. I was more akin to music, dance, theater and now, finally writing (which I did all along). Perhaps because my sisters are all gifted in their own unique way, I steered clear of the artistic paths of true “art.” Who knows?

I recently got a scanner. This comes as a shock, probably more to those who know how technologically challenged I am. It’s been fun surprising friends with the occasional “remember this?” photo, or a sibling with an emotional moment: a photo of our beloved farm on Victor Road, or a kick back moment with goofy garb (weren’t they all in the 1970s?).

And then, yesterday, I tracked down (with the assistance of my sleuth-skilled pal in Brooklyn, thanks red!) my freshman room-mate from Fredonia State University. John is not an easy fellow to trace, in fact we resorted to calling one another “The Foreigner” and “Mr. Guinnips” when we roomed together. We still don’t know why. We were the solo music majors (perjoratively called “zippies,”) surrounded by jocks and meatheads in Alumni Hall, an all male dorm. I know I was unprepared (17 going on 15) and John and I, after a few weeks adjusting, became fast friends. I sang lead in a band, Traail, and we dabbled in, well, expanding our fields of perception. We did some really bizarre things, including hitch-hiking to Myrtle Beach on a whim. John and I have been in touch on and off through the years. But as he is not into social networking, per se, track him down I did! It was great to chat yesterday, like falling into an easy chair.

The writing scene is storming ahead! I am still reading flash fiction submissions for the LOVE issue of Thunderclap! Magazine…thanks to editor-in-chief Amanda Deo! Here is the information, closes November 15th…


I am also reading still for JMWW magazine and loving the work there. Staff recently helped Jen Michalski to decide on the JMWW print Anthology #5 and it will premiere at the AWP Conference in Washington, D.C. in Feb., 2011. I can’t wait, as I will be there!

Here is where you can find more of my own recent work since my last post:

“Sometimes he feels like it’s numb” at Salt River Review…farewell issue! We will miss you! story by Robert Vaughan

“Casey’s Grill” at In Between Altered States In Between Altered States

“Nod to Jack” at The Camel Saloon

The Eye of the Needle: Jack Kerouac Day October 21, 2010: Nod to Jack

“A Good Pain” at Fiction at Work Short Shorts

“Stuffed” at Negative Suck current content – NEGATIVE SUCK

“Just Tell Me” at

I want to thank each and every editor who has worked with me since I began this journey of submitting, and to those who accepted work above: Lynda (best to you dear!), Aleathia, Russell, Toby, Jeffrey, and Shannon. Each a talented writer in their own write! (right)

Last Saturday, I led a Flash Fiction workshop called Flash in the Pan! There were 14 participants and we had a great time at the Redbird- Redoak Studio. You can see some pictures here: RedBird-RedOak ~ A Unique Writing Community Thanks again, Kim Suhr for doing such a stellar job at the helm. It drove home the reasons why I do love this genre and continue to explore its dazzling facets.

If you are local and able to join me, please come to Boswell Books on Friday, November 5th at 7:00 p.m. A multi-talented trio of writers from Chicago will be there to read, laugh and talk about their latest books: Gina Frangello (Slut Lullabies) Davis Schneiderman (Drain) and Zoe Zolbrod (Currency). It’s going to be one you don’t want to miss! More information about the event here:

Forthcoming Events – November 2010 | Boswell Book Company

As our weather turns to chill, warm your heart with a great book, an interesting magazine, an author event, a great book on tape or Kindle. Sometime in December I will post all of my reads from 2010. Damn, my eyes have been busy!

Until next time…

16 thoughts on “Scanner

  1. Claudia Nash

    Great art and wonderful post again Robert! You dazzle me with your words! Way to track down your room-mate. I can only imagine you made “The Foreigner’s” day.

  2. Mom

    Hi Baby Doll
    It sounds like you’ve been so busy too. Sorry I haven’t gotten to your letter until now, I’ve had computer problems. I’m still at msn, didn’t go to Outlook with the last address I sent out. Just couldn’t get it working.
    I love your work so much, it touches my heart every time I read one of your stories. You add so much to my world and to the planet. Know your loved,

  3. Cynthia

    You’re an artist also? It’s just not fair! How did you get all of the talented genes? I’m just kidding, actually I am thrilled that you share even just 1% of what you create! This is fantastic, and I love your writing! Keep up the great work.

  4. Dez

    Your writing reminds me of Lydia Davis- has anyone ever told you that? It is a compliment of the highest order in my book. I think you are just getting better and better, or perhaps I am becoming more accustomed to your words.

  5. Frieda

    I got the link for your blog from your piece, “Three Episodes” at BlazeVOX magazine, which I love! Your work was outstanding this issue. I am so excited that you submitted your blog link with your bio at the magazine site. Way cool!

    Can’t wait to read more of your writing. Thanks for inspiring me.

  6. bet365

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  7. nicolette Wong

    hey robert, thanks for reading my stuff and adding me on FB. I’d actually read your stories before but didn’t note – life in HK is very hectic and i don’t want to scribble meaningless words on someone else’s page.

    i was impressed by the header image the first time i saw it – for a moment i wondered where you got it, now i know. hope you’ll post more of the same series. and i’m sure you’re still living your youth at every moment of your life, still. happy holidays.


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