Review of Microtones by Andree Robinson-Neal

What a wonderful Sunday surprise! Today at Flash Fiction Chronicles, Andree Robinson-Neal’s review of Microtones is published. From the very first line, ‘There are occasions when reading flash fiction is much akin to eating a gourmet meal: the initial taste is not what is important but rather the underlying flavor, the notes and hints of what makes the recipe special.’

And here is the entire review: Book Review – Microtones by Robert Vaughan « Flash Fiction Chronicles

For writers, and purposes of submitting, check out the thorough list of markets, and resources of where to submit, broken into categories by word limits: Flash Markets « Flash Fiction Chronicles

Wow! What a joy it is to have one’s work not only appreciated, but re-interpreted in these lovely, myriad ways. Thanks, Andree, for this luminous review. And Jim Harrington, and all the great staff at FFC for your continuous support of the flash fiction community.

12 thoughts on “Review of Microtones by Andree Robinson-Neal

    1. Robert Vaughan Post author

      Thanks so much, Andrea. I was blown away by the generous review that Andree wrote. What a lovely way to start my Sunday!

  1. Gloria

    Really proud of you but really pissed. I’ve written you 3 letters and for some reason your site says it isn’t my right email address.
    Then the next one sent me to the site with your picture and house and it told me 7 times I was putting in wrong code.
    If you don’t get this pissy letter you probably never will cause I can’t seem to get to you.
    Love, your Mom

    1. Robert Vaughan Post author

      Dear Mom,

      Relax. These sites are troublesome! I got this one, and so now we are connected! YAY!

      Thanks for your pissy comments! Next time send more love. xoxo Robbie


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