Pieces from Addicts & Basements at Atticus Review

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My editor and publisher, and the talented writer, Michael Seidlinger of Civil Coping Mechanisms, is the featured guest editor at Atticus Review. He decided to feature some of the upcoming work from the press, and its authors, including his own The Fun We Had, Messes of Men and Laughter of Strangers; also Left Hand by Paul Curran; Winterswim by Ryan Bradley; Black Cloud by Juliet Escoria; Walls- an excerpt by Andrew Duncan Worthington; excerpts from Addicts & Basements by yours truly; excerpts from Green Light by Kyle Muntz; and an excerpt from We Will Listen For You by Nick Ripatrazone: Short Fiction | Atticus Review

The pieces Michael selected of mine are here: Addicts: An Excerpt

All are forthcoming in Addicts & Basements, on February 1, listed here, each with a footnote:

Gauze, A Medical Dressing, A Scrim (won 2nd place in the Flash Fiction Chronicles Contest, 2013)

Flip of a Coin (the original was drafted within days of learning I was traveling to India in 2006)

Most Popular Baby Names of 2013 (prompted by the great list pieces published at McSweeny’s)

The Femur (workshopped at Esalen Institute, Writing & Knowing workshop, summer 2013)

Six Glimpses of the Uncouth (an ekphrastic piece, prompted by six paintings by Andre Schmucki)

I hope you enjoy these! And thanks, Michael, and Atticus Review, for this great opportunity!


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