New prose poem at Clutching at Straws

Hi friends!

One of the first editors to publish my earlier work was Shawn Misener at Clutching at Straws. He accepted one of my stranger pieces called Part of Life: Two Ways, which I also included in my chapbook Microtones from Cervena Barva Press: The Lost Bookshelf

Shawn went on to publish a handful of other strange pieces of mine: Detour, Cowboys & Indians, Fill the Void, and One Night Out. They are all archived at his fantastic web-zine.

Today, he has published Four Myths, and this piece is forthcoming in my first full collection, Addicts & Basements from Civil Coping Mechanisms: Four Myths | Clutching at Straws

Thanks, Shawn, for your ongoing support and your friendship. Means a lot to me.


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