National Poetry Month: April 6

Hello friends!

It’s gloomy, dark, overcast. Spitting rain, that kind only Spring delivers. But I saw my writer friends, Carol and Laurel this morning, and we talked chapbooks, writing, feedback and other various writer’s jargon. And we laughed, and this is the best part of getting together with friends. Just like having an amazing dinner over at Matt and Carrie’s last night. What would life be like without friends?

Today I read Ellen Bass’s “Restaurant.” I had the great fortune of workshopping with Ellen at the Truth & Beauty Conference last year at Carter Hall in Virginia. She is a unique poet, one whose soul emanates from her being, and her words often reflect the heart of the world in which we live, too. I hope you enjoy:

Robert Vaughan reads “Restaurant” by Ellen Bass – YouTube

Also, my short fiction, “The Bagpipe Refrain” appears in the new Literary Orphans, the Marilyn Monroe issue. Deep thanks to editor Mike Joyce who asked me to contribute. What an honor:

The Bagpipe Refrain by Robert Vaughan | Literary Orphans

If you have time, do check out the remaining prose and poetry in this fine magazine.

Today, my question is, when is the last time you did something for a friend without expecting something in return? When is the last time you really showed up for somebody?

3 thoughts on “National Poetry Month: April 6

  1. Andrea

    Thanks for posting. Happy April 6th! As you know, I have learned to never expect. When you expect you’ll always be disappointed. I show up all the time with no expectation of anything in return. Very rewarding and selfish in it’s own right.


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