National Poetry Month: April 29

Hi friends!

I grew up in a family with three sisters. Like Chekov, I often joke. Not the playwright himself, but his play, The Three Sisters. But I also feel and claim, in all seriousness, I am lucky.

And I was. I think my parents wanted all of us, planned or no plans. And how this shaped me, having only sisters, as a boy, as a person, well, endless ways. The obvious- I’m still quickly through shared bathrooms, sensitive to a fault, a gentleman in social gestures.

Of course, there are the subtle factors, too. Who knows how different I might be had I a brother?

But, still, three sisters they were, and three sisters they are. And so, today I read “Flash,” by Maureen Seaton. And this is for you: Mikel, Cheryl and Heidi. My sisters: mi familia. I love you, always.

Robert Vaughan reads “Flash” by Maureen Seaton – YouTube


Furious cooking: poems” by Maureen Seaton

This won the Iowa Poetry Prize in 1995.

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