National Poetry Month: April 28th

Hi friends!

Back in the day, and by day I mean decades ago, and by decades I mean eighties, I played a video game or two. Or hundreds. Where did all those endless quarters go? I wouldn’t say I was an addict, and by addict I mean alcohol, or drugs. But, I was a frequent visitor to an establishment called Barber’s, a bar in which I would frequently play video games. On rare occasions, even sneaking in there during a skipped class, or an early weekend morning, say it was my version of church. This was back in the day when even some laundromats had video games like Ms. Pacman or Frogger. Asteroids. Donkey Kong.

Well, if you played, then you know what this generation of kids is up to. They get it honestly, and so did B. J. Best, who translates all of those hours behind the controls in this amazing volume called But Our Princess Is In Another Castle, scintillating prose poems. Today, for National Poetry Month, I read “Double Dragon:”

Robert Vaughan reads “Double Dragon” by B.J. Best – YouTube

We Know What We Are

This is a must read! I highly recommend this book, and I just finished it yesterday, for the second time. When was the last time you lost yourself in another world, a game, a different kingdom?


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