National Poetry Month: April 2


Last evening, I heard the latest issue of Thrice Fiction (No. 7) has dropped with my piece “Dream On,” (a nod to Aerosmith!) included. There are lots of other fantastic writers, including but not limited to, Gessy Alvarez, James Claffey, Meg Tuite, Howie Good, Joani Reese, Kyle Hemmings, MaryAnne Kolton, and many more. Thrice is a print magazine, but you can also download a free PDF (patience: it might take a little time!) Thanks editor, RW  Spryszak! Thrice Fiction Magazine

And so, to honor National Poetry Month, I read poet Marie Howe, and her fantastic poem, “The Gate.” I’ve been so lucky to workshop with Marie on more than one occasion. The most recent, at Carter Hall last May- June, where we had the great fortune of hearing Marie read this perfect poem in our group reading. I will never forget it.

Robert Vaughan reads “The Gate” from Marie Howe – YouTube

What are you waiting for?

(And this, is what you are waiting for):

Poetry Everywhere: “The Gate” by Marie Howe – YouTube

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