National Poetry Month: April 18

Hi friends!

The sky has color, no color- pinkish gray, tinged with a smoky shriek, like pay attention here! The windows are dotted with raindrops, and smeared with April debris.

Some poets and writers have an innate knack for writing about experiences, human and inhuman, most of us would rather view through a box in our living rooms, or read in Sunday papers. From a safe remove. If at all. Abuse, war, genocide, neglect. Sure, they exist, but are we ready to experience them close up?

Then, balanced with our greatest goods, our highest intentions as a species, or a person.

The poet I share today is a master at this and so much more.

Today I read Jeanann Verlee’s “Mama’s Girl:”

Robert Vaughan reads “Mama’s Girl” by Jeanann Verlee – YouTube

Her entire book, Racing Hummingbirds, is a must have:

On my buddy Len Kuntz’s blog, People You Know By Heart, you can read two more examples of her poems, on his April 15th entry:

People You Know By Heart

Have you ever been abused? Known someone close to you who has? Kept secrets for a period of time that you later shared or still keep?

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