National Poetry Month: April 11

Hi friends!

Today is Jeffrey Senkir’s birthday! He was one of my first friends to share our secret desires about becoming writers. We turned each other on to Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Djuna Barnes. We’d hike to the top of Mount Diablo and read aloud on a spread blanket, the spinning world would stop for those moments.

The story of Jeffrey’s mother, a truly sad one, made me think today of all mothers, and of how we come into this world. How we are birthed, and given life. Then I recalled one of the first books I read as a child: “Are You My Mother?”

And so, today I read “Naming” by James L. White from his lovely book, The Salt Ecstasies. Thanks to Mark Doty for turning me, and so many others, on to this wise, prophetic legacy of White.

Robert Vaughan reads “Naming” by James L. White – YouTube

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