National Poetry Month: April 10

Hi friends!

The weather has indeed taken a turn- thunder boomed us awake in the early morning, before dawn. The pouring rain has created a temporary lake in our front yard. The ducks are happy, yet with no sun in the entire weekly forecast, I am glum.

Remember stomping in puddles when you were a kid? Once, when I was traveling with my friend Laura in my F-250 through Nova Scotia, we slept in the cabbed back in state parks, and a few times, were awakened by the loud presence of summer storms. We’d lie there listening to the rain pound the aluminum roof.  Another time, when we were pretty young, my kid sister, Heidi and I got stuck in an aluminum fishing boat on the Bog River in the Adirondack Mountains, and it was raining so hard, we had to hold hands, like Hansel and Gretl winding our way through thick woods, to eventually return safely to our cabin. I don’t think I ever saw my mother so relieved.

Storms. They can be brutal: think Katrina, or Superstorm Sandy. And they can be internal, too. So, today I read Tracy K. Smith’s “Now That The Weather Has Turned:

Robert Vaughan reads Tracy K. Smith’s “Now That The Weather Has Turned” – YouTube

What storms are raging inside you? What was one time you were “caught in a major storm?” What happened?

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