My Interview with Christian Mailloux for Cervena Barva Press

In the July newsletter for Cervena Barva Press, publisher Gloria Mindock has included my  interview with intern Christian Mailloux. We conducted the interview via e-mail back in February and March 2013. I want to thank Christian for these sensitive and probing questions, and Gloria and Bill for all the support they continue to give to me, and for this amazing opportunity that became Microtones.

I am still pinching myself daily!



6 thoughts on “My Interview with Christian Mailloux for Cervena Barva Press

  1. Derek Osborne

    Hi Robert,

    Nice, straightforward interview. I like these for getting to know individuals I’m meeting on the net and also see their process and compare it to my own. Interviews are also an excellent way to find out what you’ve written and where to get it. I wish someone would come up with a solid method of promotion for indie writers. It’s such a crap-shoot. Keep up the good work.



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