May Flowers

What a whirlwind world we live in: a Royal wedding televised like nothing previously, followed by the death of an infidel with images we would never see prior to this week. The movies don’t get better than this! How does it relate to fiction? Say a writer brings memoir to a roundtable, reads it. During feedback, someone might say it just doesn’t sound “real,” or the voice or point-of-view sounds “inauthentic.” And the writer usually gets defensive: “But, but, this is how it REALLY HAPPENED!”

Point is, it doesn’t matter. Life is far more stranger than fiction, exemplified this past week on a massive scale.

Some writing features since I last blogged:

We taped our April Flash Fiction Friday show at WUWM’s Lake Effect. This month, local writers Laurel Landis (“Carousel”) and Timmothy Merath (“Juggernaut”) read their flash pieces, and I had the privilege of reading Meg Tuite’s “Distracted.” We’ve had lots of great feedback and the show would not be possible without the efforts of my delightful co-host, Stephanie Lecci and the Lake Effect staff. WUWM: Lake Effect – Flash Fiction Friday: Choices in Gender   Listen for submission opportunities.

My piece, “The Outlaw” is included in the May elimae! This is one of my favorite online magazines, so it’s fantastic to be included among such talent. I re-posted the piece at Fictionaut. (It appeared originally at 52/250 in January). “The Outlaw” by Robert Vaughan → Fictionaut Thanks editor Brandon Hobson!

And speaking of 52/250, it’s hard to believe this incredibly  fun, generous, and gracious community will be writing it’s last segment this week, with the theme for the 52nd week: “Threesome.” For what’s to come with 52/250,  read What’s Next? | 52|250 A Year of Flash Thanks editors Michelle, John & Walter!

And my latest When He Calls by Robert Vaughan | 52|250 A Year of Flash

Cold Front by Robert Vaughan | 52|250 A Year of Flash

Matron by Robert Vaughan | 52|250 A Year of Flash

I have a collection of three micro-fiction at Blue Lotus Review. Thanks editor Amy Willoughby Burle.

“Liminal” is included in a great May line-up at Negative Suck. Thanks editor Jeffrey Callico .Wordprompt 5 – NEGATIVE SUCK

“Loneliness” is up at Magnolia’s Press. Thanks editor Will Clingan “Loneliness,” Robert Vaughan « MP

Happy One Year Anniversary to Russell at The Camel Saloon! Check out the great line-up of writers, including buddy Len Kuntz with his poem, “The Truth About Snow”: The Camel Saloon Thanks Russell, for all of your ongoing support.

I have work forthcoming at 52/250, “Nowhere in Sight” at Pure Slush (check out this site for the Queer theme all May). About – Pure Slush

Also a non-fiction article called “On Writing Recollection and Flash Fiction” is forthcoming at Flash Fiction Chronicles (thanks Gay Degani). Flash Fiction Chronicles I’ve work coming out at Frwiction, Used Furniture Review, Rufous City Review, Cavalcade of Stars, Thirty-Nine, The Scream, and more.

During the month of April, Thunderclap Press supported poets and Poetry Month by publishing a poem per day on our blog. Check it out! A chapbook is forthcoming, as well as discounts on Thunderclap 5! Get it NOW!

Please join us for our next Redbird-Redoak on the road! A Cafe Fixx Showcase in May 5th, more information here: RedBird-RedOak Writing

Also, I will be teaching FLASH IN THE PAN on May 14th. Register today, before its too late! “Flash in the Pan” with Robert Vaughan « RedBird-RedOak Writing

Happy trails my friends, until next installment!

7 thoughts on “May Flowers

  1. jenny

    I once heard a revered acting teacher tell one of her students, after watching a scene he had prepared for her, that his limp was not believable.

    The student actor had hurt his leg earlier in the day.

  2. Shari

    A whirlwind world indeed, and that first line has poetry all over it! You are more than on a roll, my dear Robert, you are mastering this getting published aspect of your career. Congratulations! I listened to your Flash Fiction Friday April show- you sounded great, the stories were all fantastic and I loved the questions with the writers. Way to go!

  3. Theo

    I am simply amazed at the amount of work you continually crank out and get accepted at all of these literary places. How do you find them? It might be a good idea to focus on blog around that? Sourcing submissions? What do you think about that?

  4. kaitembird

    Hey Robert, thanks for answering my Fictionaut messages! My email is — as soon as I finish this essay I am working on I am going to creep around your blog for a while. You have such a long blogroll, I’m geeked out. 🙂
    — Kait


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