Interview at HOUSEFIRE

When Megan Lent, one of Housefire’s great staffers, asked to interview about Microtones with her recently, I said SURE! I knew it could be hilarious, but had no clue just how much fun! You can read all about it at the HOUSEFIRE site:

HERE IS WHAT I REMEMBER MOST + Megan Lent interviews Robert Vaughan | HOUSEFIRE

I’ve had the honor of being published a few times at HOUSEFIRE, some of my most kooky, experimental pieces. Like “METEOR.

I am also fortunate to have a strange piece included in HOUSEFIRE’S first anthology:

Product Details

NOUNS OF ASSEMBLAGE: Riley Michael Parker: 9781937395001: Books

All in all, I’m grateful for this opportunity, HOUSEFIRE.

And Megan, thanks a ton! We have to meet and eat our favorite pies in some sleazy diner. Fo sho’.

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