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We’re all just a little pooped on the election scoop. So, I’ll just say, congrats President Obama, and let’s make this second term the best four years we’ve ever had. And a special mention to the great state of Wisconsin, where I live, for electing Tammy Baldwin, our first elected woman, and lesbian, to the 2012 Senate. Also just in case you missed them, I’ve included both Romney’s concession speech and Obama’s acceptance speech at the bottom of this post.

And so, here are other newsworthy reads around cyberland:

My poem, “Levitation,” is included in this gorgeous anthology, “Estuary: A Confluence of Art & Poetry,” a hardcover table top stunner edited by Agnes Marton and Harriette Lawler:

Kevin Sampsell amazes us with his “I Know Who Raped You Last Summer” up at The Good Men Project:

New issue of Corium Magazine has dropped with great fiction edited by Lauren Becker and poems selected by Heather Fowler:

Camroc Press Review publishes some wonderful short fiction, with Barry Basden at the helm. Here are James Claffey’s latest:

At Connotation Press, fiction editor Meg Tuite brings us the gifted writing of Gloria Garfunkel, and the interview is stellar:

Josh Denslow’s “Consumption” intoxicates at A-Minor:

Horror still in your veins from Halloween? Then mosey on over to Artistically Declined Press, where Ryan Bradley brings you thirteen:reanimated by the forever surprising David Tomaloff:

Beate Sigriddaughter selected J.A. Pak’s story, “Miranda,” as the winner of the Twelfth Glass Woman Prize:

Romney loses the 2012 Presidential Election:

Obama wins the 2012 Presidential Election:

Let’s all hope this nation called America, as diverse as we are, might continue to work toward forward compromise, and progression. Let’s build this country into the safe haven that it has the potential to be, and love not only our neighbors, but ourselves.

5 thoughts on “HUMP Votes

  1. Andrea

    YAY Wisconsin! Agreed! I hope that we work together in unity as a nation toward compromise and acceptance of one another at home and worldwide.

    AND…thanks for the Humpty Hump post!

  2. Drew

    Your blog is so great. I am so happy to read that we made advancements socially, and thanks to you I advance as a reader, too!


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