Hump Two Days Late!

Hi friends,

I was out of the country until this afternoon, so it was tough to get the HUMP day blog together. But while I was napping on a beach, there was some fantastic writing published all over the net and elsewhere. So here, feast your eyes, and incite your brain:

Meg Tuite kicked off her new column in 2013 at Used Furniture Review called Exquisite Duet. The idea is two writers will write a flash or poem piece which include the same first line. I am so honored to dance with her this first month! My piece is “The Lost and Erasable Parts of Us”, and Meg’s is “Junk Bond”:

Gesture #4 is out with tons of great alt lit fire in it, including my two abstract ditties: “On Their Way Back,” and “Complacency”! Thanks editor Matthew Sherling:

Nicolette Wong has four poems in Otolith:

Andrew Roe’s How to Talk to Children About Death at Fwriction Review:

When She Realizes She’s Immortal, She Thinks She’ll Write a Poem by Sarah Carson is up at Wigleaf:

Read ALL the contents of the latest issue of Pithead Chapel, with the likes of James Claffey, Meg Tuite, Joe Kapitan, Matthew Dexter, Susan Lilley and more:

JP Reese has “Pink Quartet” up at Orion headless:

“Space and Time” from Len Kuntz is at River Babble:

Lots of fantastic writing about women, by (mostly) women. Check these essays out, including work by Roxane Gay, Joan Didion, Amy Wallace, and more:
There was a “dip” in the temperature from 70+ degrees to single digits in Wisconsin this afternoon. Needless to say, that’s quite a shocker! When was the last time you were shocked by something? Was it self-induced, or a surprise that occurred naturally?





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