Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s that time again, and oh what a busy week it has been. I traveled to Boston, a city of which I am so fond, for the DIRE Literary Series, hosted by Timothy Gager at the Out of the Blue Art Gallery in Cambridge! I was one of three featured writers, the other two were Robert K. Johnson, and Lee Krisak. Another dear writer friend, Gloria Mindock, publisher of Cervena Barva Press, read her fantastic flash fiction for the first time! She, Timothy and I went to Tavern on the Green for a bunny fest meal. Almost every other patron, male or female, wore multi-varietal bunny ears. Surreal? You bet.

Here are ten or more things to take in around the net:

1) Gay Degani opens her heart to us about the Crazyhorse Writers’ Conference:

2) My poem, “Moonstruck,” is up at Bong is Bard. Thanks editor, Valerie:

3) Thunderclap magic from Amanda Deo for April National Poetry Month:






4) JMWW online six-week seminars in Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Flash Fiction (with me). Register now! The Flash workshop is not until July/ August:

5) Very few of these left, and such a great price. And, c’mon, it’s Gregory Sherl:

6) Roxane Gay blindsides us once again with things we might already know but are afraid to admit:

7) Enjoy this interview at The Nervous Breakdown:

8) Timothy Gager, my most excellent host at Cambridge’s DIRE Literary Series (an event that quite literally changed my life) has a poem called “Reply to Someone, “U Owe Me a Poem, Boy.” And thanks a ton, Tim!

9) A great article at Slate about Adrienne Rich and her profound legacy: – pagebreak_anchor_2

10) My friends are all a-twitter about the latest news. And I’m not kidding:

Last, but certainly not least…Flash Fiction Fridays is available on Amazon!

And here is my Amazon author page… if any of you who have purchased or read Flash Fiction Fridays would be so kind to “like” it on the page, or write a review of FFF (anything, even “two thumbs up!” would be so nice!) I would be so very grateful!

See you around! Have a great time this week. Make someone’s day by telling them how much they mean to you. Don’t hold back.

12 thoughts on “HUMP the BUNNY HOP

  1. Michael Gillan Maxwell

    Power packed Hump Day post! Lots to take in! Thanks for the tip of the hat. I will hop on over to Amazon and make sure I’ve “liked” FFF (Damn you “auto-correct! It changed my “liked” to “kicked”! I’m glad I proofread!

  2. Beverly

    So much going on! Great to hear about the Boston reading and I’ll be sure to like the Flash Fiction book at Amazon. Congratulations, Robert! I can say “I knew you when…”

  3. JR Price

    Robert, I don’t know how you find the time to gather so much great information for us to read each week. And travel to Boston…what did you read? And submit your work to so many places. I love the name Bong is Bard- that rocks. And your poem is great, too.

  4. Shari

    Great content again this week, and that beauty contest link is hilarious. Leave it to you, Robert, to include this. Love it!

  5. Yasmine

    You are one busy, busy fellow! Congratulations on yet another fine poem published! And all of your other scores as well.

  6. Theo

    So much great imagery in your “Moonstruck” poem. That last full moon was amazing, so this really resonated with me. I love your style.


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