HUMP Holla

Hey peeps! It’s freezing in Wisconsin this week. My ass is ice, along with so many phalanges. But, my heart is warmed by these wonderful slices of words around the net. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have:

I have two poems in the Red Fez Tribute for Sandy Hook and Newtown:

Gloria Mindock, publisher at Cervena Barva Press where my chapbook, Microtones, is forthcoming, is interviewed at Flash Fiction Chronicles by the illustrious Bonnie Zobell: Interview with Gloria Mindock at Červená Barva Press « Flash Fiction Chronicles

My amazing boss at JMWW, Jen Michalski is interviewed at Necessary Fiction about her new book, Could You Be With Her Now, and so much more:

Heather Fowler is the featured fiction writer at Connotation Press this month, thanks to wonderful editor Meg Tuite: And check out all the other recent goodies at CP here:

Andrew Stancek is up at Fwriction Review with “Hush”:

Bill Yarrow has two poems up at Scissors & Spackle:

What’s getting all these Alt-Lit writers up in arms? This article at Vice:

Interesting article about words at So Bad So Good: – .UPEBo1wwDO4.facebook

The latest issue of The Collagist is pretty freaking great. Here is one story by Nathan Blake:

She might hate me for this, but she might not. xTx is the guest at Brad Listi’s Other People podcast:

My buddy, Bud Smith is also in this fiction issue at Connotation Press:

Robert Garcia has a story, “Sinking,” in the latest Wilderness House Literary Review:

Stay warm. Huddle. Study penguins if you’ve forgotten how. Better than football. Happy Birthday my dear brother, Michael. Thanks for your recent visit. Know you are loved.

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