Hump Gold

Hello friends!

Imagine my surprise when Jason A. Smith invited me to be the head judge of the 2012 Wisconsin People & Ideas magazine fiction contest. We had so many great entries it was quite difficult to choose one winner. But here it is, “Eyes in the Back of her Head” by Jill Stuckenberg. Thanks for this honor, Jason, and for sending us your great story, Jill. Congratulations! And here are so many other juicy nuggets of writing around the world wide web:

1) Jimmy Chen’s Sunday diary entry. I’m just sayin…

2) How to be Friends with Another Woman by Roxane Gay:

3) Aaron Teel tells all in “Cliches,” at Smokelong Quarterly:

4) Check out the goodies in this issue of Heavy Feather Review 1.2:

5) The August newsletter of Cervena Barva Press comes loaded with great literary information, from angel and kickass publisher/writer Gloria Mindock:

6) Len Kuntz, my prolific author buddy, is everywhere, even when he’s not. Here are two of his flash pieces in Downer Magazine: Then, this newbie, part of xTx’s Supermodel Summer: NOTHING TO SAY: SUPERMODEL SUMMER!!

7) Purpose by Sheldon Compton is up at Metazen: And then, if you liked this as much as I did, check out his meaty collection here, at Foxhead Books:

8) Two Fictions by Brandi Wells in the July/ August Elimae (okay, I’m a little slow, but, like all of her work, these are amazing:

9) Just when you started thinking it all makes sense, along comes Parker Tettleton to shake, rattle and roll. He’s up at Untoward:

10) You won’t forget “I’m jumping off the bridge” at The Salon, by Kevin Sampsell:

Bonus: FRiGG’s summer Twitter issue. Check out Jules Archer and xTx and more:

Super Bonus: Zoe Zolbrod chimes in on female Olympic Boxers:

Special mention: Four Poems by Melissa Broder at BOMBLog: BOMBLOG: Four Poems by Melissa Broder

19 thoughts on “Hump Gold

  1. Josh

    Loving your Hump gold post, Robert! You give so many writers a “voice” in the online community. I admire that, and you.

  2. Billy

    A fool’s gold, who doesn’t read this blog, my friend! Fantastic information, so creative, it blows me away.


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