HUMP day High!

Hello friends! Amidst summer ending, political conventions, accidents, trauma and family matters, there is always worthy reading around the net. I have a new poem up at Fictionaut: “Before and After” by Robert Vaughan — Fictionaut

And thanks, especially this week, for these:

1) Flavorwire’s most Beautiful Literary Magazines Online:

2)  Dear friend Nancy Freund guest edits Necessary Fiction for September, and starts with this great essay, “Movement is the Meaning of Life:”

3) Get your groove on, read UP, Sweet Fix, Issue 5:

4) New NAP guest edited by Janey Smith:

5) Riveting new work, “Debriefing,” by E.C. Osondu at Guernica:

6) My pal, Berit Ellingsen reviews another pal, Tania Hershman’s fantastic flash book, My Mother Was An Upright Piano:

7) Gregory Sherl’s new collection, Monogamy Songs, is sure to stun. Pre-orders here at Future Tense:

8) Sarah Carson has 4 Poems at Spork Press:

9) The Lit Pub has a new review of Dora: A Headcase by Lidia Yuknavitch. A must read:

10) Goddess Dorianne Laux brings it at Raleigh Review with “The Nakedness of Things:”

10a) Sweet poet/pal Rachel Heimowitz has two inspirational poems in this new edition of Silent Revelations Press (Issue Two) from editor Heidi Sampson:

Silent Revelations Press (Issue Two): Rachel Heimowitz,Diana Woods,Cassie Ciopryna,Jennifer Gibson,Jay Asher,Heidi Sampson: Kindle Store

Bonus’s this week:

* Ann Bogle is up at Camroc Press Review with three gems:

* Frank Hinton is interviewed at Creepy Faggot (yeah, not crazy about that site name!):

* This just in: An Interview with Caitlin Moran at The Hairpin: An Interview With Caitlin Moran | The Hairpin

Experience life, taste it now, it waits for you with baited breath.

6 thoughts on “HUMP day High!

  1. Rachel Heimowitz

    Thank you so much for remembering me in this issue of HUMP. We all wait for HUMP DAY when you keep us all in tune with what is happening in our poetry world and we all appreciate it!



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