HUMP day Bastille and Tour de France

Middle of this hot July month includes Bastille Day (a great excuse to drink!) and the Tour de France (another great excuse to drink!). Hell, just drink!

Here are your ten HUMP day posts. I hope you enjoy:

Roxane Gay as only she can at The Salon:

Shane Jones at VICE:

Nate Tower gives terrific and sound advice about submitting writing to literary magazines on his blog Write, Juggle, Run:

JMWW is having a poetry chapbook contest, guest judged by Oliver de la Paz. Details in the JMWW summer issue:

Connotation Press is up with their Mid-July issue, with a note from Fiction Editor Meg Tuite:

The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review’s staff spotlight is Rae Bryant, Editor-In-Chief:

A gorgeous poem, “Goodnight Moon” by James Arthur at If you haven’t read the book that inspired this poem (same name) I highly recommend it:

Heather Fowler and Rusty Barnes get down at Fictionaut. Great to hear Night Train is back on track:

Bud Smith hosts Frank Reardon on the Unknown Show. You gotta check it out:

Interview with brilliant Dennis Cooper at the Esoterrorist where he chats about alt lit and current state of publishing:

Have a great HUMP day, my Bactrian and Dromedary friends! Oh, and for those of you who don’t consider yourselves camels, or French, well, then, you too!

Please remember to check the Events page on my blog: I’ve two readings forthcoming- this Saturday, July 20 at Riverwest Public House; and Middle Coast Poets Reading on July 29 at Burnhearts in Bay View. Come out and play! Support your local poets and writers!

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  1. Peter

    Thanks a ton for spending free time in order to write “HUMP day Bastille and Tour de France,” Robert Vaughan!
    Thanks a ton yet again -Peter


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