Full of Crow Summer issue 2013: Fiction

Happy 4th of July! Independence Day…a great reminder of not only what our country supposedly was founded for, but also a deeper, and more personal resonance through the word (and country, and world).

And to celebrate the dance of writing, here is my newest publication in the quarterly online magazine, Full of Crow: The Hazards of Moving in with a Couple:

The Hazards of Moving in with a Couple » Fiction

This piece is one from my forthcoming full collection, Addicts and Basements, from the great folks at Civil Coping Mechanisms!

And while you’re here at Full of Crow, lying back in your hammock sipping margaritas, check out the other great fiction, and poetry, too. It’s an amazing issue, every single time. Thanks editor, Paul Corman-Roberts for the support!

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