Flash Mob Update: Winners and Finalists!

If you have been reading the Flash Mob posts, then you’ll know we had over 100 submissions of some fantastic stories. The three other judges, Nuala Ni Chonchuir, Marcus Speh, Leah McMenamin and me all converged and debated during a Google + ‘Hangout’ and discovered our favorites, while we scored the blind submissions with a unique system. And now, one week later, to honor International Flash Fiction Day, here are the results:

Winners | FLASH MOB 2013

Also, if you’d like more entertaining stories, the entire group of talented writers, and judges who submitted are here:

Let the mob begin! | FLASH MOB 2013

And finally, my deepest thanks to the originators and idea mentors behind this superb project: Linda SImoni-Wastila, Christopher Allen and Michelle Elvy. So grateful!


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