Flash Fiction

Recently my writer friend Pam Parker gave me a book called Oh Baby by Kim Chinquee. It is a collection of flash fiction and prose poems. At first, I was not impressed. The fragmented sentences. The juxtaposed topics. The leaping imaginative use of language. But, like an anaesthetic it got under my skin. The pieces are akin to that child-like wonder of tearing into presents under a Christmas tree. I pored through the pages, thinking to myself: novel? Why take on an endeavor so humungous? Well, I am still attempting to complete Good Wives River, but here is a first attempt at a flash fiction piece. Hope you like it.

When I was 13, I used my Dad’s double barrel shotgun to chase James into the shower. Turned the water on while he pleaded. Later, Jeff said he’d asked for it. I wasn’t so sure. It was all I thought about once I was in Afghanistan.

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