Flash Fiction Funny

Hi friends! When writer Tom Hazuka asked me for a potential submission to be in the proposed anthology, Flash Fiction Funny, I was thrilled. I decided on a send-up of the Three Stooges that I originally wrote in 2011, and with Tom’s expert editing advice and input, we came up with a very fresh, original, and yes, funnier version of “Three Stooges Explain Relativity.” I am super stoked, to be included in this seminal anthology, Flash Fiction Funny, edited by the original Renaissance Man  himself, Tom Hazuka!

Flash Fiction Funny


Here is what Robert Shopard, co-editor of Flash Fiction Forward had to say about it: ‘Tom Hazuka’s Flash Fiction Funny is a delight. Comical, silly, absurd, slapstick, quirky and always fun, it tickles.’ (and plenty more at the Amazon site!) And here is the Amazon link for the laughs: Flash Fiction Funny: Tom Hazuka: 9781595408822: Amazon.com: Books Thanks Tom, for thinking of me!


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