Conversation with Gessy Alvarez at Digging Through the Fat

Hi friends!

Last week, before I travelled to New York (more on that in the next post!), I was carrying on an interview with the talented and illustrious Gessy Alvarez. There are many writers with whom we maintain “cyber” relationships. I had the great fortune of meeting Gessy, among many other friends, at the AWP Writer’s Conference in Boston, MA in March, 2013. If you are interested in checking out her fabulous writing, Gessy and I also connected and support one another’s work through Fictionaut, an online writer’s community: Gessy Alvarez — Fictionaut.

Last week, Gessy published our Communcation #8, in a series she hosts at Digging Through the Fat, her blog in which she gives so much of her valuable time back to the writer’s in our community. I am deeply grateful to her for this, for our friendship, her amazing prose, and so much more. Here is our chat:

Robert Vaughan – Conversation No. 8 | Digging Through the Fat

Thanks a ton, Gessy! You’re simply the best.



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