Book List 2013 and the cold

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It’s sub-zero weather this morning! Negative 11 degrees, to be exact. Which means, I’m a shut-in. Schools are closed, food is in the fridge. It’s a great day to curl up with a good book. Which brings me to my list from last year. I wasn’t going to publish my reading list from 2013. Why not? Who knows. But then, I devoured a great book the past three days, Calendar of Regrets by Lance Olsen (thanks, Jane L. Carman for recommending it), and I thought, why not share what I read last year? Also, how do you hear about the books you read? How do they come to you?

Here are my 2013 reads, in chronological order:

The Human Line– Ellen Bass (poetry)

Something Has to Happen Next– Andrew Michael Roberts (poetry)

Space, In Chains– Laura Kasichke (poetry)

A Thousand Morons– Quinn Monzo

Somewhere Piano– Sarah Busse (poetry)

The Bill From My Father– Bernard Cooper (memoir)

Debacle Debacle– Matt Hart (poetry)

Racing Hummingbirds– Jeanann Verlee (poetry)

Pomegranate and Other Stories– Gay Degani

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?– Jeanette Winterson (memoir)

Moods By Rachel Glaser

Shampoo Horns– Aaron Teal

House of Incest– Anais Nin

Laure: The Collected Writings– trans. by Jeanine Herman

Winter Stars– Larry Levis (poetry)

When the Only Light is Fire– Saeed Jones (poetry)

Smoking Mirrors– edited by Meg Tuite, Connotation Press

Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction 2012– edited by Leah Rogin-Roper

leadbelly– Tyehimba Jess (poetry)

A Secondary Landscape– Aaron Gilbreath

the great enigma– Tomas Transtromer (poetry)

Letters From Robots– Diana Salier (poetry)

Blue Rust– Joe Millar (poetry)

Machine Dreams– Jayne Anne Phillips

Life on Mars– Tracy K. Smith (poetry)

But Our Princess is in Another Castle– BJ Best

A Little Soul: 140 Twitterstories– Darren Cormier

What the Right Hand Knows– Tom Healy (poetry)

Native Guard– Natasha Trethewey (poetry)

He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices– Stephen S. Mills (poetry)

You Are Jaguar– David Tomaloff and Ryan Bradley (poetry)

Every Love Story is a Ghost Story– D.T. Max (memoir)

The Buoyancy of It All– Robert Walker (poetry)

Heroines– Kate Zembrano (memoir/essay)

Triste– Lisa Marie Basile (poetry)

Adirondack Camps– Craig Gilmore

The Art of Porosity– Andrew Franck

Aaron & Keoni– Loren Moreno (flash fiction)

Henry Darger Art and Selected Writings– edited by Michael Bonesteel (memoir)

Man Vs. Sky– Corey Zeller (poetry)

The Dream Police– Dennis Cooper (poetry)

A Taste of Cherry– Kara Condito (poetry)

Badlands– Thomas Biel

Verses– Ani DeFranco (poetry)

Slut Lullabies– Gina Frangello

Train Dreams– Denis Johnson

Glaciers– Alexis M. Smith

A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos edited by David Trinidad (poetry)

Men Undressed– anthology edited by Cris Mazza

the & now awards: the best innovative writing– ed. by Davis Schneiderman

The Collected Poems of Frank O’Hara- edited by Donald Allen (poetry)

Black Aperture– Matt Rasumssen (poetry)

Rough Music– Deborah Digges (poetry)

One Hidden Stuff– Barbara Ras (poetry)

Zin!– Kyle Hemmings (poetry chapbook)

Waging Heavy Peace– Neil Young (memoir)

A Marker to Measure Drift– Alexander Maksik

A Walk in the Woods– Bill Bryson (memoir)

Pleasure Trout– Gloria Mindock (poetry)

Antidotes For An Alibi– Amy King (poetry)

Milk Run– Kate Braverman (poetry)

My 1980s and Other Essays– Wayne Koestenbaum (essays)

The Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge– Peter Orton (short stories)

We Agreed to Meet Just Here– Scott Blackwood

Time-Bound– Kurt Brown (poetry)

Bound by Blue– Meg Tuite (short stories)

First Time– anthology, edited by Bud Smith

By Myself– D.A. Powell & David Trinidad (faux memoir)

The Buoyancy of it All– Robert Walker (poetry)

Eternal Patrol– Russell Dillon (poetry)

The Peerless Four– Victoria Patterson (novel)

In the Carnival of Breathing– Lisa Fay Coultey (poetry)

Her Skin Is a Costume– Meg Tuite (chapbook)

Cinema Verite– Sam Rasnake (poetry)

Alone With Other People– Gabby Bess

Inheritance– Steven Reigns (poetry)

Dead Letters- Joani Reese (poetry)

American Busboy– Matthew Guenette (poetry)

The Whack-Job Girls and Other Stories– Bonnie Zobell (flash fiction)

Morrissey- Autobiography- Stephen Andrew Morrissey

The Book of Women– Dorianne Laux (poetry)

The Anchorage– Mark Wonderlich (poetry)

The Laughter of Strangers– Michael Seidlinger

Box Cutter– Samuel Snoek-Brown (flash fiction)

Had I A Hundred Mouths– William Goyen (short stories)

Were there any outstanding books you read in 2013? Any prior to last year? Do you share your favorite books with friends? Are you a member of Goodreads, where anyone can share the books you’ve read, rate them, or write a review? Here is my Goodreads | Robert Vaughan page. 

Also, thanks to Molly Gaudry and the great peeps at The Lit Pub, for the listing of Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits: The Lit Pub • Home. My publisher, Deadly Chaps Press, and Joseph Quintela, sent out his 2013 year-in-review newsletter, and included this excerpt: 

“Deadly Chaps Press made one release in our continuing chapbook series but it was a doozy: the remarkable Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks, + Dipshits by Robert Vaughan. He’s already getting rave reviews and has been listed at LitPub. Get your copy now, or as always, you can give it a read online for free! We look forward to upcoming releases by Niela Mezynski and Mark James Andrews in 2014.”  Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits






4 thoughts on “Book List 2013 and the cold

  1. Nancy Freund

    What a list! I have only read a few of these, but love seeing Andrew Michael Roberts’ Something Has to Happen Next as he just recently married one of my best friends from high school, and I specifically like what happened next over there. I also like his poetry. And big thumbs up for Kate Zambreno’s provocative Heroines. You’ve inspired me to look over my own list from the past year as well. Thanks, Robert!

    1. Robert Vaughan Post author

      Nancy, the small circles we all share in life! Who knew that you also are connected to Andrew Michael Roberts and his wonderful poetry. How perfect, also, that Something Has To Happen Next, was published by University of Iowa Press, the very grounds where you and I intersected!

      I am off to a quick start on reading for 2014: Amanda Deo’s You Sang it Back to Me, then the book I mentioned at the top, Calendar of Regrets by Lance Olsen. And next is short stories by Bruno Schulz. Thanks for writing and all things great to you in 2014!!!

  2. Andrea

    Wow! You know, there’s help for people just like you? HA! Just kidding. What a wonderful list. You are a true inspiration. xo


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