(B)OINK zine

I’m over the moon excited to announce the all-new January issue of (b)OINK. Flash Fiction! Poetry! Creative Non-Fiction! Art! And “Voices,” from the literary world-at-large. Thanks fellow editors Rob Parrish and Chelsea Laine Wells. Thanks Al Fuelling for your web skillz! Thanks to Meg Tuite for “Voices,” and David Carter and Rob Kibble for “Art.” And every single person who sent us over 150 submissions for this issue: we loved your work, we did our best, we had a blast. Please read this issue, and share it. Then send us a (b)OINK submission for February. We’ll be eating.


4 thoughts on “(B)OINK zine

  1. Mary Kennedy Eastham

    A great way for a writer to start her 2017 writing year, getting inspired by these quirky stories!
    Damn, now I know I need to make my first flash story of the year Truckstop EVEN BETTER.
    I can do that…

    1. Robert Vaughan Post author

      Mary, thanks so much for reading the inaugural issue of (b)OINK! And for your comments here. Happy 2017!


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