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Hi friends!

There’s a new kid on the block… and it’s not just another online journal! No!!! Bending Genres started as the name that Meg Tuite and I gave to our week long writing retreats. We still plan to use this name for our three Bending Genres retreats in 2018, and one we just added in 2019:


April 27- May 3: Synergia Ranch, outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico (still some spots left!):

July 22-28: Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Taos, New Mexico (wait-listed):

October 6-11: EarthRise IONS, Petaluma, California:

June 21-27, 2019 at Kalani Resort, Big Island, Hawaii:

Last Friday afternoon, we launched the first issue of Bending Genres Journal:

We have 31 incredible pieces, a winning combination of short fiction, prose poems, and creative non-fiction. Many are superb examples of hybrid, or cross-genre work. Our entire journal staff are so proud! Also huge thanks to Meg Tuite, David O’Connor, Samuel Fox, Jessica Mehta, Jonathan Cardew and Sisco Hollard. Also Adam Robinson for his genius design and input, and KJ for his IT finesse. We had an astounding number of hits over the weekend- close to 2,000!!!

The third facet of the new Bending Genres empire is our all-new weekend workshops! We launched in January with Meg Tuite teaching Flash Fiction: Close to the Edge on January 19-21. We had a great turn-out, 21 writers registered, and amazing writing throughout the entire weekend, combined with great facilitating by Meg and participants.

Our next adventure is March 23-25, with Jonathan Cardew teaching Flash: Wondrous & Weird.  More information, including how you can register (we are already half full) here:

And so, send us your submissions! Register for a course! Attend a retreat! We’d love to have you join our Bending Genres family, as we continue to watch it grow. And grow.





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