Beatific Misfits

Nerds in clothes which suit them

Hoods don leather and chains

Babes with roots and mohair boots

graffiti, tattoos and half-baked brains

Toddlers in second hand strollers

boys with exposed bods

rollerbladers meet skateboarders

passed out junkie on the sidewalk, nods

yes, the East Village appeals to me

the mysteries I might not know

perhaps it’s a rhythm one cannot hear,

a harmony that seamlessly flows

5 thoughts on “Beatific Misfits

  1. Tom Froehlich

    Entertaining Robert, but I far prefer your dialogue. However it’s great to step outside and stretch yourself on occasion.

  2. Shari

    I disagree with Tom, and feel like these images are powerful and I like the energy of the poem. The only part that felt off a little for me was the last four lines. The offbeat energy of the setup fell away and it suddenly switches tone as a result. Just keep working at your poetry Robert. You are so talented and poems are ever-changing.

  3. Tutu Ubuntu

    although we have seen these people you have compelling imagery developed here to portray them in a unique and refreshing way. the last four lines could use some development.

  4. david

    cold blue steel out of money… one eye for the beat police.. sweet fire calling you… you can’t deny it…

    White Lily


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