“Aretha” and Microtones review at Literary Orphans

My poem, “Aretha,” is published at the amazing Literary Orphans, in the new Wordsworth issue. “Aretha” is the first published poem of a chapbook length project I wrote called Songstresses: Moving Lyrics Into Poems. The project originated a few months ago when writer Joseph Quintela asked several friends to contribute to his Working Definitions project. You could select any word, (sometimes he would provide a list), and re-define them using poetic terms. Then, JQ created a Word Poeticizer, in which you could select a line, or phrase, or a lyric (I used several for Songstresses), and feed them into the Word Poeticizer, and out popped a completely different poem! Then I edited, and re-edited, altering the phrases and embellishing to make them “my own.” And voila! I hope you enjoy “Aretha,” and thanks editor Mike Joyce for the incredible support, and Felicia Simion for the lovely accompanying artwork:

Aretha by Robert Vaughan | Literary Orphans

Also in the Wordsworth issue, my good friend John Riley reviews Microtones, with aplomb. Very grateful to John for this:

A Review of Robert Vaughan’s Microtones by John Riley | Literary Orphans

And while you are here, check out stunning and diverse writing by Amanda Deo, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Matthew Burnside, Tantra Bensko, Kenny Mooney, Joel Kopplin and more:

Photo Content Page: Wordsworth | Literary Orphans

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