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Hi friends!

I’m so excited for my upcoming trip to New York City! The reading at Unnameable Books on June 11 with Amy King and Bud Smith, and the Richard Blanco workshop at Omega: The Spirit and Craft of Poetry, June 13-15. And of course, reunions with Andrea, David, MGM and numerous other friends. If you are on facebook, the invitation to our reading is here:

Amy King, Bud Smith, and Robert Vaughan Reading at Unnameable Books

I’ve been inviting everyone I know (and their illegitimate cousins and poolboys), and imagine how honored I was when one Facebook invite responded with a possibility for Addicts & Basements to gain more exposure! Joseph Mackin runs a site called 2 paragraphs, and defines it as “Short. Smart. Shareable.” Basically, articles are compressed, wetting one’s thirst for the current sound-bite of news, culture, etc. If curious, please check out my Addicts & Basements publication at the site here: Addicts & Basements — by Robert Vaughan

I hope to see you in NYC! Until then go get some vitamin D!


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