A Review of Microtones at Your Own Back Yard

Today there is very generous and kind review of Microtones written by Michael Gillan Maxwell at his writer’s blog, Your Own Back Yard.

Michael (affectionally known as MGM) and I crossed paths in 2010 at one of the most magical writing experiences we’d both ever had, a weeklong retreat at Omega Institute. Three of the poems that are in the Microtones book were crafted, first drafts, that week in paradise: “My Bicycle,” “A Stone Wall,” and “Legacy.”

I am so grateful for our friendship, and constant workshop and feedback of each other’s works-in-progress. MGM is a gifted poet and writer, and I have come to rely on his generous spirit! Thanks a ton, MGM!

Book Review: Microtones by Robert Vaughan Červená Barva Press 2013 | Your Own Back Yard ~ Writing and Art ~ Michael Gillan Maxwell

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